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Latest version: Version 9.02 - Weather1.exe -   (~6.2 MB - updated 07/21/2018)

Optional Files

  • Wx1_PVW.exe Weather1 Preview Images for Images Selection window (for Versions 3.10.7 or later)  (~2.3 MB) (Updated: 08/31/2002)

  •   optional Weather1 screen saver (free add-on to Weather1).
    This is Version 1.05 - updated 12/28/2002.
    (about 320k, instructions are in the included readme.txt file)

  •  optional Weather1 skin editor.
    This is a Beta Version - updated 01/29/2005.
    (about 470k)

  • Restore main template file: download - in case yours is corrupt or changed.

  • If you have an older operating system and you get an error that it's missing the GDIplus.dll, you can download GDIplus.dll here directly from

  • Skins

Optional Announcement Files

  •   optional Weather1 Australian-male voice announcement files.
            (about 107k, instructions in readme.txt)

  •   optional Weather1 child voice announcement files.
            (about 382k, instructions in readme.txt)

  •   optional Weather1 Computer voice announcement files. I tried to get close to the voice of the computer in the movie "War Games."
            (about 308k, instructions in readme.txt)

  •   optional Weather1 female voice announcement files. (updated 08/2006)
            (about 900k, instructions in readme.txt)

  •   optional Weather1 female-Computer voice announcement files.
            (about 721k, instructions in readme.txt)

  •   optional Weather1 Italian male voice announcement files.
            (about 417k, instructions in readme.txt)

  • Looking for more temperature announcement options? So am I... If you have an idea for another voice file type, and the ability to record the files, please contact me via e-mail with your idea. I'm currently looking for people who can create authentic voice files for the following:
    • Australian female voice.
    • French - male or female voices - in English and also in French.
    • German - male or female voices - in English and also in German.
    • Spanish - male or female voices - in English and also in Spanish.
    • Dog voices - just kidding! :)
    • Humor ones like: Southern Texan, California Valley Girl, or 70's Jive-talkin'.
    • Others.....I'm open to ideas. If you have a talent, feel free to send me your idea via e-mail.

Optional weather wallpapers:

  • Weather wallpapers - Over time, I've come across many cool, weather wallpapers...images of tornados, lightning, etc. I've decided to create a page to display some of these so you can download them for your own enjoyment.

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