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I've lost my registration codes. What do I do?

Just send me an e-mail with your full-name requesting your registration codes.

How do I copy and paste?

To copy: select the text you want to copy by dragging your mouse over it (while holding the left mouse button down). Once that text is selected/highlighted, right-click your mouse over it and choose the "Copy" option.

To paste: left-click your mouse where you want to paste the information. Then right-click your mouse and choose the "Paste" option.

Is my registration good for all the future versions of Weather1?

Your registration is good for all minor updates and fixes. Occasionally, I have a big upgrade, where I might charge a very small upgrade fee.

How long does it take to get a registration key?

If you register by credit card, it takes 1-3 business days. Your registration code is e-mailed to you as soon as your credit card has been verified and the order processed.

My credit card transaction was approved but I didnít get a receipt and/or a registration key. What should I do?

This is likely caused by a typing error in your E-mail address, or possibly due to some technical problems with network communications. Submit the feedback form and I will resend the missing information to you.


I have a previous version of Weather1 installed. Should I uninstall it first?

It's up to you. When you run the install, you will have the option to backup previous files or just replace them.

My hard disk crashed and I lost everything including Weather1. How can I restore it?

You can always download the latest version from here. I recommend you save your registration information to a diskette and keep it in a safe place. If you have lost your key, E-mail me and I will E-mail you a new one. Some proof of purchase may be required.


How do I change it from Fahrenheit to Celcius?

Look under the Options menu, click General Preferences, then click the General tab. The option is in that window.

How do I manually update the current conditions?

You have two options:

  1. Right-click on the tray icon and choose "Update Conditions now".
  2. Press the F5 button on your keyboard.

How do I manually update the wallpaper?

You have two options:

  1. Right-click on the tray icon and choose "Update Wallpaper now". If this feature appears disabled (gray color), then you either have your auto-wallpaper options off, or you have an older registered version of Weather1.
  2. Press the F8 button on your keyboard. If this doesn't appear to work, you may not have your auto-wallpaper preferences set correctly. Check your Preferences.

How do I set-up the voice temperature announcements?

Weather1 includes the feature to announce the temperature aloud. To set this up:

  1. In Weather1, click on Options->General Preferences menu.
  2. Click on the Announce tab.
  3. Check the option "Would you like the temperature announced".
  4. Click the "Use default voice". If you want to use a different voice than the default voice, you can download more of them here.
  5. Check the option "Don't announce/play sounds between the times of".
  6. Enter a time range of when you DON'T want Weather1 to announce/play the sound options.
  7. Click Save button.

How do I create my own voice temperature announcements?
    Using the Windows Sound Recorder (or your own sound recording software), feel free to duplicate the files similar to ones under your Weather1/wavs/default directory. Simply create another directory, recording the files very similar to the ones noted above, using the same filenames, and you can then test them using Weather1 - just select that directory to use in the custom Announce settings (see previous FAQ above).

    Once you're happy with them, feel free to zip them into a zip file and e-mail the zip file to me and I'll place it on Thanks!

My wallpaper isn't updating. What do I do?

Weather1 includes several methods to update your desktop wallpaper.

  • Automatic: Weather1 can update your wallpaper automatically, just look under the Options-> General Preferences window, under the Wallpaper tab. You see tons of option in there. Once you choose a wallpaper image, check the box to auto-update and you're set. You can now also right-click on the tray icon and choose "update wallpaper now" at any time.
  • Manually: you can update your wallpaper with any image you are viewing in the Image viewer in Weather1. Just select an image from the Image menu and then choose File->Save As Wallpaper. :)

Note: If you're using Windows XP, you do not have the option to turn-off Active Desktop (you should have used Windows 2000). Anyway, if you have XP, be sure to install Weather1 Version 3.24 or later. It has improvements for XP.

How do I add my favorite weather bookmarks in Weather1?

Weather1 includes a very handy bookmark feature. You can keep all of your weather bookmarks in one easy place. Just click on the Options menu and then click "Your Bookmarks". :)

How do I view an animated radar image for my local area (US ONLY)? Here's how:
  • Under the Options menu, select General Preferences. In that window, click the SideImage tab (across the top).
  • Click the "Choose Image" button. You will now see a new window with a treeview to choose images.
  • Click the "+" sign next to the section: Animated Loops.
  • Click the "Animated Loop for your zip code" text. A small window will now appear for you to enter your zip code. After you enter your zip code, just click 'ok' out of those options.
  • Now back in the Preferences window, check these options: > automatically show the SideImage window.
    > automatically update the SideImage window.
    > automatically stick to the Right side of main window.
    Then just enter how often you want the window updated - usually 15 or 20 minutes is adequate. Then click the SAVE button.
    You may need to restart Weather1 to see the changes.

How do I add my favorite satellite or radar image to the Image Treeview window, or use it as a wallpaper option, etc.?

First, look for it in the Image Treeview under the Images menu. There's a section in the treeview near the top that says "Your Satellite/Radar Images".
From there, select "Add/Remove your own images". A new window will pop-up allowing you to enter a caption and url (web address). You must enter both a caption and url. Now when you reopen the Preferences window, you can choose that image from the image treeview to use as wallpaper, etc.

How do I get my local radar to Weather1 - either as a wallpaper option or as a SideImage, or just in the Image Treeview window?

First, look for it in the Image Treeview under the Images menu. There's a section in the treeview, toward the bottom, that says "Local TV/radar". If your area radar is not listed, go find your local TV station's website. Most of them have their own radar on their website.
From there, right-click on the radar image and select "Properties", then copy the url. E-mail me the url along with the details of the locality and I'll be glad to add it to Weather1.
Until I have it added, you can add it yourself. Here's how:

  1. Look in your Weather1 directory (whereever you have it installed). And find the tvsta.txt file and double-click on it to edit the file.
  2. Look for where you want to include it (in alphabetical order), and follow the same format as the other entries.
  3. Save/close the file.
  4. Restart Weather1. The above will be listed in the Image Treeview under the Local TV Radar Cams section.

How do I chart some of the stats into a spreadsheet?

Weather1 includes two options:

  • You can use the built-in charting feature. It's under the Reports menu, under "Daily Charts".
  • Make sure you have the Weather1 log option checked (in the Preferences window); then you can easily import the Weather1.log file (which is in your Weather1 directory) into any spreadsheet package that imports comma-delimited files. Excel does this easily, which you can then chart the data however you like.

How do I get the temperature, or heat index, or wind chill in the system tray as icons?

Under the Options menu, select General Preferences, then select the "Tray Icons" tab at the top. You will then see tons of options. (smile)

How do I change the temperature guage/bar?

How to scale the bar: currently the only way is to edit the skin.ini file.
It's in the Weather1/skins/default folder.
Here's what to do:

  1. Copy the folder Weather1/skins/default into another folder
    and call it whatever you want to, maybe "mydefault",
    so the path might look like this:
  2. Double-click on the skin.ini file in your "mydefault" folder.
    In there, you will see these lines:

    Each number is a measurement based on screen pixels.
    The locx is the left-to-right position you want it placed in the main window.
    The locy is the top-to-bottom position you want it placed.
    The width is the width of the bar.
    The height is the height of the bar.
    The type is the type of bar you want. Either dash or solid.

    Change these however you like. Then save the file.
  3. Go to Weather1 and click on the Options menu, then click
    Skins, then click on "Load a Skin" and load the skin.ini file
    you just changed in your "mydefault" directory. That's it. :)

How do I get warnings for just my area and not all the state warnings?

You can specify certain text to search for. If it finds the text it will alert you, otherwise the warning will be ignored. Most people use this feature to just show warnings for their County. You can just enter your County name in the box.
Note: If you do this, you may miss state-wide warnings that may not have that text.
How to:

  1. In Weather1, click on the Options->General Preferences menu option.
  2. Click on the Warnings tab.
  3. Check the box "Only warn when this text is found".
  4. In the "Only warn when this text is found" box, enter the text you want to be found when alerted about Warnings. The additional "or" box can be used if you want to search for another text.
  5. Click Save button.
  6. Restart Weather1.

I use WinProxy and still can't get Weather1 to fetch content.

Make sure you have the correct settings in the Options->Connection Preferences window. If nothing seems to work, try these:

  1. Host:(your proxy IP address)
  2. User:
  3. Password:
  4. Port: 80
  5. Type: None

How do I get my personal weather station (PWS) data to appear in Weather1?

Sorry, this is no longer available. Weather Underground was the previous source but they were purchased by TWC, who became insanely expensive.

How do I use the HTML template to customize the main window?

  1. HTML support: You can now use HTML to format the content in the main window. Tables are supported, so you can format it just about any way you like.
  2. Background images: You can use background images too. Just define them in the BODY tag or in any TABLE tag.
  3. Background colors: If you don't want to use images, you can define any color to be the background of the body or any table.
  4. Fonts: Use any font you have on your system!
  5. Content: Weather1 uses custom tags. There are two tags for every data item. For example: for temperature, there is a tag for the label and for the data. If this is confusing, just take a look at the template file and you'll see how it works. If you don't want to see certain data, just remove those tags. For example, if you don't want to see the sunrise info, just remove it from your template. In addition to what Weather can provide, you can add to it! Just add any of your favorite links, animated images, etc.
  6. How to use it: First, you must be registered to use 6.0.
    The template is called "main_template.htm" and it's in your Weather1 directory. If you need to ever start over, make a copy of the "backup_main_template.htm". To start, right-click in the main window and choose "Define HTML Template" and this will launch the Preferences window and you will see and option to specify the template file. Just browse to the template file and select it, then save your preferences. You may need to restart Weather1 to see the changes. After you have defined a template, you can then just right-click the main window and choose "Edit current HTML template" and it will launch an editor for you to edit it directly. If you make changes to the template, you will need to refresh the main window content to see the changes. I plan to add a "Refresh" option soon, until then just click another location in your locations list, etc.
Have fun!


Is there going to be a Windows 3.1 version?

No, sorry, I have no such plans.

Is there going to be a Linux version?

Not yet, but maybe if there's enough demand ($), I'll move it up on my priorities. :)


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